Living out the Catholic faith can be a challenge, but it’s a lot easier with a couple of friends alongside you. Kara and Monica get personal about their experiences as young women figuring out what "being Catholic" means today. From relationships and pop culture to work and faith life, catch up with Kara and Monica for fun, thoughtful and unfiltered talk about walking the walk.

The Hosts

Kara Eschbach

Kara is the co-founder, editor in chief & publisher of Verily Magazine, a new women's fashion & lifestyle publication that celebrates the best of who women are, and is the host of Catching Up with Kara and Monica on SiriusXM radio. Kara speaks and writes on women’s issues, particularly on women in media and in the workplace, and on entrepreneurship. Before starting Verily, she was on the investment team for Credit Suisse’s secondary private equity fund and has experience in corporate finance, accounting, consulting, and investment banking. You’re just as likely to find her swooning over shoes and talking about Vampire Diaries as you are to hear her debating fiscal policy, and she has a serious weakness for cinnamon bread pudding.

Monica Gabriel

Monica is the Web Editor for Verily Magazine and hosts Catching Up with Kara & Monica on SiriusXM radio. Plucked from a life of advertising at TIME Magazine, Monica now writes about cultural trends and shares her thoughts on relationships and womanhood. Monica can be found watching old movies, telling highly animated stories to her friends, or playing with her many nieces & nephews.


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